1-2-3 Bottom Boxes

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes are also Known as Snap Lock Boxes, These Boxes May Need a Bit More Time For Assembling But are More Secure Than Tuck End Boxes. Bottom Flaps are Interlocked With Each Other For Closure. There Is an Option Available For an Additional Flap at The Bottom To Achieve More Strength From The Bottom.


Custom 1-2-3-Bottom Boxes

1-2-3-bottom boxes are also referred to as snap lock boxes where the bottom of the box is divided into three flaps or folds and the box takes its constructed position or shape once these flaps are locked in together. The side frame of the bottom flaps are designed in such a way that once they are interlocked they give the boxes a completely secure and closed bottom tray that is safe and capable to hold the weight of the respective product that is to be packaged inside of the box. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces lock into each other to form a completely assembled picture or shape. The durability and strength of these boxes is greater in comparison to tuck bottom boxes but they are a little less strong than an auto-locked bottom box. The manufacturing cost that comes on snap lock boxes is a lot less than auto lock boxes and tuck bottom boxes. The interlocked bottom flaps of these boxes give full support to the extended top flap to tuck in firmly into its place.


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