4 PK Bottle Carrier

4 PK Bottle Carrier packaging is a unique and distinctive type of packaging that enables you to carry a pack of 4 beverage bottles at a time. The holes to hold the bottles at bottom layer of this carrier are precisely made to adjust the bottles firmly. The layers between the bottles are made up of soft and durable material to ensure the safety of the bottles and eradicate the chances of bottles being shattered with each other.


Woo Packaging provides unique 4 PK Bottle Carriers that are made up of the most durable material. With the facility of imprinting distinct designs on the surface, we provide you a remarkable marketing opportunity as well. The customization of the bottle carriers can highly impact the customer behavior. You can mention details of your bottle beverages to grab attention.

You can choose your required size for 4 PK bottle carries that fits your product. Whether bottled beverages or bottled medicines, we have a variety of designs and customization for our clients. From rough matte to high gloss material, we make use of nature-friendly material for packaging. We also offer cardboard paper, paperboard and Kraft paper material that will guarantee the ultimate safety of your bottle beverages. With the most attractive printing colors and variety of shapes and sizes, Woo Packaging stands out in the business providing bottle beverages at the best wholesale rates. We also provide free shipping when the order is in a bulk.


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