Custom Cosmetic Boxes

If you are searching for custom cosmetic boxes with captivating designs, then look no more! We provide you the best Cosmetic boxes, as seventy percent of our customer base is in cosmetic industry. We at Woo Packaging deliver you with a design solution that will boost your sales, set you apart from the competition and most importantly establish your brand name in the market.

The reason why good packaging is important for success

Browsing for cosmetic products in an aisle, 90% of the time customers have no clue which product they are looking for. At this crucial point, the battle for visual appeal takes places and all the brands fight for the customer’s attention. Customers have this predisposition that a product with the most expensive looking packaging has the best contents because a good packaging implies good product. What you, as a business owner, need to do is market on this prejudice that they have. Your product maybe of the highest quality or it may be lacking somewhere, but what makes the customers purchase, is your ability to package well.

Good packaging tells a story

Often, if not most of the time, people are fascinated by a story that the product tells. Maybe a user experience that you mentioned on the product and their picture is shown or maybe your reveal the results of study conducted on your product. These kinds of marketing strategies are deployed to enhance the ocular appeal as well as the convincing power of the product. You can discuss with our design team about these marketing strategies that you can incorporate on your box design.

What do we have to offer

Our state of the art computer printing and cutting facility is at your disposal. With it, we churn out the best quality and precisely cut boxes. We observe extreme quality control checks on our packaging since we do not allow any room for defects in the manufacturing process or the finished product. We do not distinguish between large or small orders. Each order is very dear to us and we make no distinction whatsoever. Here at Woo Packaging, we are not looking to make sales rather we are looking to make friends because we love what we do. So give us a call and ask whatever you like – we are here for you. After all, that’s what friends are for!


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