Custom Eye Shadow Boxes

Eye shadow is a product that adds dazzle and vibrant color shades to the eyes, making them more attractive. It is justified that the product itself should be packaged in a visually appealing box if it is ever going to make it into the homes of customers. That’s where we step in! Our state of the art printing facility and precision cutting technology will enhance your product’s ocular appeal and leave it looking beautiful like a piece of fine art. After making hundreds of different custom eye shadow boxes, we have perfected the art of great design. Our previous projects are a testimony of what our design team can achieve. Get your box designed to stand out among the competition and be the art that elevates the standards where it is placed.

Jump ahead of the competition

The highly competitive industry you are in requires you to step up your game and produce something unique and exclusive. This has been proven time and time again that for a product to succeed, the packaging is among the most crucial aspects of marketing. We achieve Safety, robustness and high ocular appeal through our intricate weaving of high-quality elements. Customize Boxes is your ticket to success in this fierce battle of cosmetic marketing.

Customize and select from a wide range of designs

Here, at Air Max Boxes, we offer you a wide range of design options. Features like partitions, compartments, and separators can be added to enhance the functionality of your product. See through windows are a great way to show off the stunning content of the product and a great way for merchandise.

We won’t let you down

Designing the most captivating and stunning boxes is what we do best. Our commitment to excellence has caused us to rise above our competition and gain the trust and friendship of our recurring customers. Quality and service make the difference – so in the spirit of that, we invite you to put us to the test. Call us today and let us pave the way to your success.


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