Ice Cream Cone Holder

Our Ice Cream Cone Holders are made with extreme delicacy and sensitivity to hold the ice creams without getting crumpled or without letting the ice cream inside it melt away by its thickness or dampness. They are very functional for the ice-cream retailers. These boxes are finely made so as to hold each cone accurately without the risk of ice-cream cone slipped out. The material that Woo Packaging use for the manufacture of these boxes is environment-friendly and can resist any kind of humidity when they are placed in the freezers.

Most of the ice-cream retailers are worried about their delicate sweet treats being mishandled during take away. Hence, these custom Ice Cream Cone Holders are the best solution for them to present their difficult to handle items like cone ice cream in a much decent way. Woo Packaging is one of the best packaging industry that has been catering the needs of not only the big brands but every client with equal dedication. Our advanced printing and designing technology makes these ice-cream holders ideal for these breakable cones as the holders are made with extra soft cardboard material. Each hole is precisely cut so that to make the cones adjusted within them just accurately.

With holes at its top end to hold the cone ice cream secure and tight. We can also customize these cone ice cream holders in different styles and sizes according to the requirements of the company that needs them.


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