Side Lock Six Corner

Side lock six corner box is one of the most used boxes all around the globe due to the safety they provide to the enclosed product. Side Lock Six Corner Boxes have regular four sides when finished that can be altered in measurements to form rectangles or squares out of them, but they get their six corner name from the locking mechanism that forms six locking cuts on the two bigger sides.

Side lock six corner boxes are much convenient to use and safer as compared to many other types of retail boxes. By using the side lock six corner boxes you can protect your bakery items from any contamination and add customization for your presentation. The products of various categories manufactured by various companies need different type of packaging and Woo Packaging fulfills this requirement efficiently. These boxes are mostly delivered flat but can easily be assembled in their original structure. The length and breadth of these boxes can also be altered to fit different product in them perfectly. Deeper boxes with smaller sides are perfect for food products like pastries, hot or cold cakes, and many other products like various fashion industry ones with thicker materials on them while shallow boxes with much wider and larger sides are perfect for flatter food products like pizza or some other cosmetic products. We fulfill all requirements efficiently.


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