Cake Box Styles for Online Bakeries


Bakery business is interesting as well as challenging. Especially when you are doing it online you have to consider several things. To surpass the competition you should introduce something innovative in your business. Working on the style of cake boxes is an effective way to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. It has been seen that the bakers put a lot of effort is creating perfect cakes, but when it comes to presentation, the same traditional dull packaging destroys the customers’ expectations. Here we are going to introduce some of the best-printed cake box styles for online bakeries. They are not only attractive enough to inspire the customers but they help in boosting your sales significantly.

Personalized Cake Boxes:
personalized cake boxes

Personalization matters the most especially when it comes to online business. It is the best way to attract customers and build a long-term relationship with them. Personalize cake boxes according to the theme of the occasion. For example, if it’s Christmas, design limited edition packaging by using a combination of red and green. Print them with the images of Santa, jingle bells or anything related to the event. Similarly, if it is your customer’s birthday, make his day special. Purchase cake boxes in bulk and decorate them with ribbons and other embellishments. Attach a tag with a birthday wish to make your customers feel special.
Cake boxes with Windows or Die-Cuts:
boxes with die cuts

Introducing transparency in your custom cake boxes is the best way to grasp the attention of customers. You can show off your creations gracefully and promote your brand in the marketplace. Cake boxes with windows are considered one of the best styles for years. A thin transparent plastic film is cut in the desired shape and attached at the top of the box.
Round Cake Boxes:

round cake boxes
An innovative variation in the shape of a wholesale cake box is getting trendier. The designers have several options to work upon. Round cake boxes are one of the most famous ones. They come up with a separate lid. Premium quality material is used to design them. Round cake boxes are an attractive option when it comes to cake packaging. In addition to cakes, they are used to pack other bakery items as well like, cookies, muffins, and donuts, etc.

Metallic Style Cake Boxes:

metallic cupcake boxes In addition to traditional wedding cake boxes, this new style is perfect to add to your celebrations. The packaging is designed by giving a silver metallic touch. It looks graceful and luxurious. Moreover, these silver cake boxes can be used as wedding favors. Each triangular-shaped box is used to enclose a single serving of cake, making a perfect favor for each guest.

Minimalistic Style:

The suppliers of cake boxes have been working on various styles for years but minimalism is the best to stand out. It has influenced not only the retail sector but online businesses as well. If you are running an online bakery, it’s a good option to consider. Design your packaging simply and elegantly. Minimalism is all about creating a perfect mix of colors, patterns, graphics, and logos. Such cake boxes in bulk are perfect to highlight your brand.

Cake Boxes with Handles:
cake boxes with handles

Customers are always attracted to practical and easy to use packaging. Designing cake boxes with build-in handles is an interesting way to add more functionality to your packaging. The handles are included in the template. They pop out as the box is assembled.
Such packaging not only makes your products easy to carry but also give them an enticing display. Most of the bakers bulk buy cake boxes with handles to save on cost.

Kraft Cake Boxes:
kraft cake boxes

With the increase in awareness about environmental deterioration, the consumers have become highly concerned. This has shifted the trend toward sustainable packaging. Different manufacturers including online bakeries have started using eco-friendly cake boxes to package their products. Kraft material is used which prevents toxic substances from penetrating the food items. Moreover, it acts as a barrier against moisture, heat and other atmospheric changes. The use of eco-friendly cake boxes is a sign for the consumers that your brand cares for the environment.

Innovative Variations in Box Style:

2020 is a year of innovative variations. Instead of purchasing cheap custom bakery boxes for sale, businesses try to experiment with new styles. The same is the case with online bakeries. The designers think out of the box to impress the customers. These little pull-out boxes are a great addition to the cake box family. The box is designed in the shape of the oven, providing a feeling to the customer that they are provided with a freshly baked cake out of the oven.
Attractively designed cake boxes are the best way to add more value to your lovely creations. For this, you have to work on different cake styles to make your brand stand out.

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